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Our Leadership Team

Managing Director
Sangeeta Mittal
Head of Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources
Apurv Mittal
Executive Director
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Managing Director
Academic Qualifications
Master of Technology (M.Tech), Civil Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra, 1984
Bachelor of Technology with Honors (B.Tech(Hons.)), Civil Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra, 1981
Roles and Responsibilities
In his role as Managing Director, Mr. Mittal’s responsibilities are both broad and critical to the success of the company:
Strategic Leadership: Steering the company towards achieving its vision through strategic planning and execution.
Project Acquisition and Execution: Securing new projects and ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.
Client Relations and Liaison: Building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, ensuring client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.
Financial Stewardship: Overseeing the financial health of the company, including profitability, timely payments to suppliers, and salary disbursement.
Staff Integrity and Development: Maintaining a high standard of integrity within the team and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development.
Legal and Ethical Compliance: Ensuring the company adheres to all legal requirements and conducts its operations ethically.
Work Experience
Mr. Sham Lal Mittal's illustrious career in civil engineering and infrastructure development began immediately following his postgraduate studies when he joined the Indian Railways as a Class-I Officer in the Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE) in 1984. His tenure with Indian Railways until December 2007 was marked by exemplary service in various capacities across the South Central Railway, the Railway Ministry, and IRCON, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to excellence.
A significant highlight of his career came in 2006-2007 when he worked on a pivotal World Bank project focused on the construction of a railway line in Mozambique, Africa. This international experience not only broadened his horizons but also enriched his expertise in handling large-scale, complex infrastructure projects across diverse geographical and cultural landscapes.
In December 2007, leveraging his vast experience and visionary leadership, Mr. Mittal embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding Apurvakriti Infrastructure Private Limited. As the Managing Director and the driving force behind the company, he has successfully established Apurvakriti Infrastructure as a reputable name in the infrastructure sector, particularly renowned for its excellence in the construction of buildings, residential complexes, trackworks, and bridges.
Leadership Philosophy and Vision
Mr. Mittal’s leadership is characterized by a deep-rooted belief in integrity, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. He is a proponent of innovation and sustainability in infrastructure development, aiming to create projects that not only serve their immediate purpose but also contribute positively to the community and environment.
His vision for Apurvakriti Infrastructure is not just about expanding the company’s portfolio but also about setting new benchmarks in quality, sustainability, and efficiency in the infrastructure sector. Under his guidance, Apurvakriti Infrastructure is committed to playing a significant role in shaping the future of urban development and contributing to the socio-economic growth of communities it serves.
Legacy and Impact
Over the past 16 years as the founding director and Managing Director of Apurvakriti Infrastructure Private Limited, Mr. Sham Lal Mittal has not only led the company to significant achievements in the infrastructure development industry but has also contributed to the broader goals of sustainable development and economic progress. His leadership continues to inspire a culture of innovation, excellence, and ethical business practices within the company and among its partners.

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